Sachin Sarcoma Society

Sachin Sarcoma Society

Spreading Sarcoma Awareness with a smile


At Sachin Sarcoma Society, we stand tall as a beacon of support for sarcoma, GIST and desmoid tumor warriors globally. We have a vibrant network of over 7000 sarcoma, 350 desmoid tumor patients, and 200 GIST patients and caregivers. Our mission goes beyond borders – we're on a quest to spread awareness about sarcoma, build companionship with sarcoma-affected families, and erase the fear associated with these conditions.

Patients Network

We provide counselling and guidance and educate patients about sarcomas offering emotional and psychological support. Furthermore, the network of 5000 patients also helps each other whenever they face any difficulty.

Support Services

We provide medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, biopsy guns, and chemotherapy injections to needy patients. In addition, we offer medicines to underprivileged patients, along with getting their costly scans done for free.

Accommodation Support

We offer support in finding comfortable accommodations like Dharamshalas or hotels near the hospital for patients and their caregivers throughout their treatment journey. Additionally, our dedicated 24×7 helpline is here to assist you with any...

80G, 12A & CSR Certified

Sachin Sarcoma Society is now 80G Approved. All the donations received by the Sachin Sarcoma Society will be exempted from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961. We thank you for...

What’s new with SSS

SSS Work

  • Started our research on Sarcoma Survivor’s (we call them Stallions)
  • SSS Won Sabera Awards 2023 in Behavioral and Marketing Communications category
  • Collaborating with different organisations and MNCs to raise the awareness of sarcoma

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Events @ SSS

SSS Awarded with SABERA Awards 2023

It gives us immense happiness to get an award from @saberaawards and acknowledging the efforts done by our support group of @sachinsarcomasociety. It’s an honour... Read More "SSS Awarded with SABERA Awards 2023"

SPAGN Presentation by Lakshay Nagpal

Link to the video Presentation shown in the above video: Read More "SPAGN Presentation by Lakshay Nagpal"

” Change begins with a ripple and ends with a wave.”

We invite everyone to join hands with us to Spread awareness this World cancer day.participants can showcase their message through any art, video clip, reels,... Read More "” Change begins with a ripple and ends with a wave.”"

Desmoid Education Program

Heartfelt thanks to our honorable Expat Doctors for clearing all the queries of patients on Desmoid. Read More "Desmoid Education Program"

National Cancer Survivors Day

Epitome of Hope!- National Cancer Survivor's day, Our guest speakers ignited the audience with sprints of hope and positivity. Read More "National Cancer Survivors Day"

Awards & Recognition

Our Partners and Supporters

Prime newspaper of Delhi “The Pioneer” has recognized our efforts and stood together with us to spread the word on the occasion of sarcoma awareness month 2023 ! We are proud and express our sincere gratitude towards it.


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