200th Support Group Meeting at IMSOS 2024, Chandigarh
200th Support Group Meeting at IMSOS 2024, Chandigarh

200th Support Group Meeting at IMSOS 2024, Chandigarh

Sachin Sarcoma Society Shines at IMSOS 2024 Conference in Chandigarh with Inspiring Support Group Gathering

Chandigarh, March 10, 2024

In a moving assembly held at Government Medical College Chandigarh during the esteemed IMSOS 2024 conference, the Sachin Sarcoma Society (SSS) orchestrated a transformative support group meeting. Distinguished personalities, including Dr. Manish Pruthi from Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and Dr. Sameer Rastogi, an additional professor at AIIMS, New Delhi, graced the event.

Over 60 sarcoma patients and caregivers formed a convoy, embarking on a collective journey to partake in this impactful meeting, setting the stage for an evening imbued with resilience and hope. The proceedings commenced with the symbolic lighting of a lamp, symbolizing unity among doctors, SSS team members, and patients. Mrs. Rashi Kapoor, the dynamic president of SSS, extended a heartfelt welcome, infusing the gathering with warmth and inspiration.

The event showcased the artistic talents of sarcoma patients through cultural performances, offering a unique perspective into the strength and courage of survivors. Personal narratives, laden with hope and positivity, illuminated the room, capturing the indomitable spirit of those who have triumphed over their treatments. A pivotal moment was the Nukkad Natak, a street play performed by sarcoma patients and caregivers. This creative endeavor aimed to bridge the perspectives of medical professionals and patients while disseminating vital awareness about sarcoma.

The meticulous organization of the program, including arrangements and lunch provided by IMSOS 2024, ensured a seamless and uplifting experience for all participants. Expert doctors and specialists contributed their insights, enhancing the impact of the Nukkad Natak. The ceremonial cake cutting marked the 200th sarcoma support group meeting for SSS, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Sachin Sarcoma Society, a stalwart in patient support in India, extends its focus beyond medical aid, offering emotional, financial, administrative, and logistical support for patients and caregivers alike. Their mission, noble and resolute, is to raise awareness about rare tumors like sarcoma and foster a sense of companionship within affected families. The weekly support group meetings serve as a conduit for education and mutual support, featuring expert doctors who share valuable insights.

The success of this remarkable program is attributed to the tireless efforts of the dedicated team members of SSS. Individuals such as Lakshay Nagpal, Bijila Saji, Shikha Jaiswal, Adhir Kapoor, Pankaj, Kanika, Rakshit Aggarwal, Saurav, and Lucky played pivotal roles in orchestrating this impactful evening. Special performances by sarcoma patients Roshan Gupta and Seema Gupta, coupled with motivational talks by survivors Pranav Sharma, Saurav Chabbra, Manisha Gupta, and caregiver Akhila, enriched the proceedings.

The Nukkad Natak, a dynamic portrayal of various sarcoma patients, sought to elevate awareness about sarcoma, underscore the significance of pathology in diagnosis, and advocate for consulting sarcoma specialists upon diagnosis. The program garnered praise from a multitude of experts, doctors, and specialists, acknowledging its innovative and impactful approach.

As the curtain fell on this momentous evening on March 9th, at Government Medical College, Chandigarh, Sachin Sarcoma Society expressed profound gratitude to all participants and supporters. Their commitment to supporting those affected by rare tumors and fostering awareness remains unyielding, as they continue to build a resilient community united against the challenges of sarcoma. All patients who are members of Sachin Sarcoma Society and those who have joined this support group meeting are all treated by Dr. Sameer Rastogi, specializing in sarcoma medical oncology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.