Ewing’s Warrior Amit Gupta
Ewing’s Warrior Amit Gupta

Ewing’s Warrior Amit Gupta

My name is Amit Gupta and I am from Delhi. I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2017 on my right foot in the 4th toe. At the time I could not really believe that this could happen to me. I started getting all kinds of negative thoughts about everything in my life. I then came to know about Dr. Sameer Rastogi whom I met at AIIMS. He explained to me what this actually was and also encouraged me to be positive and that I would be fine after the treatment. He definitely is a gem of a person and a very helpful doctor. At any point during my treatment, if I had any problem, I would contact Dr. Rastogi by email and he would always respond.

My biggest support system during this time was my family, especially my wife who always made sure that I took everything in my life positively. She would always say “think positive and positives will happen”. During one of my visits to the AIIMS OPD, I met Rashi Ji who informed me about the Sachin Sarcoma Group. A group is a great place for all sarcoma patients and survivors for sharing their own experiences and helping patients who are currently undergoing treatment. There are many people from Rashi ji’s team who are also a part of the group and all of them are extremely helpful.

During my treatment, I read a book named “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The book is all about being positive towards one’s life. The book helped me change the way I thought about life and I had now started looking at the positives. The book also taught me how to be happy. To do so I would listen to my favorite songs sing along and also watched a lot of comedy movies.

My treatment included chemotherapy followed by surgery. I then had radiation and after that chemotherapy again. The treatment lasted for 1 year 2 months ending in August 2018. Ever since then I have on follow-ups with scheduled scans.

So friends please be happy and stay positive and you will definitely overcome these challenging times in your life.

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